mNectar for Developers

 High quality ad experience

 Premium eCPMs

 Server-to-server integration options

Complementary and Fun Advertising Units

mNectar for Advertisers

Qualify Users Instantly

Acquire Only Engaged Users

Playable: Instant Sampling

Experiential Mobile Advertising

How It Works


Create an account

Create an ad unit ID

Select ad placement within app – No SDK!

 Start generating revenue


Provide your app’s binary

Identify the app experience to promote

Playable promotion is uploaded to the cloud

Instant distribution and acquisition begins

"Playable is an incredible ad unit. mNectar consistently delivers players who have already played a slice of our games. As a result, mNectar referred users are among our most engaged and valuable players."

− Matthew Casertano, Social Gaming Network

"I was so happy that I didn’t need to integrate another SDK to use mNectar. They have provided consistently high eCPMs and service, so I am very pleased with this partnership."

− Antonio Farina, Reludo

"mNectar was very easy to integrate and get working. Our users really like their Playable ads and have responded really well to them!"

− Samuel DenHartog, Ensenasoft

"mNectar has a great team focused on innovative ad products that are generating solid revenue for us."

− John Libby, Mobilityware

"mNectar’s Playable is the next evolution of app advertising."

− Anil Dharni, GREE

"We see some of the highest CPMs from mNectar. The Playable ad units are the best quality across all of the options out there."

− Kellie Hartwell, Mobile Deluxe

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