Playable Ads

Instantly stream your mobile app. No download. No SDK.

As a true “try before you buy” experience for apps, users can sample your mobile game or app before downloading.

Click the Mini Game button to play an ad.

Earn Guaranteed 2X Video CPMs until 2016

1. Fill out the submission form.
2. Add Rewarded Playable Ads into your app: wherever you run Video, run Playable.
3. Submit your app.
3. mNectar pays out 2X of your Video CPM for Playable performance.

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Playable for Advertisers

 Guaranteed Engagement

 Proven User Intent

 Qualified User Acquisition

Playable for Developers

 Seamless Game to Ad Play

 Entertaining Ad Unit

 Premium eCPMs

"Playable is an incredible ad unit. mNectar consistently delivers players who have already played a slice of our games. As a result, mNectar referred users are among our most engaged and valuable players."

− Matthew Casertano, Social Gaming Network

"I was so happy that I didn’t need to integrate another SDK to use mNectar. They have provided consistently high eCPMs and service, so I am very pleased with this partnership."

− Antonio Farina, Reludo

"mNectar was very easy to integrate and get working. Our users really like their Playable ads and have responded really well to them!"

− Samuel DenHartog, EnsenaSoft

"mNectar has a great team focused on innovative ad products that are generating solid revenue for us."

− John Libby, MobilityWare

"mNectar’s Playable is the next evolution of app advertising."

− Anil Dharni, GREE

"We see some of the highest CPMs from mNectar. The Playable ad units are the best quality across all of the options out there."

− Kellie Hartwell, Mobile Deluxe

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